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The Excitement of Being on The Road

Posted by on 11 January 2011

The drive yesterday to the next destination was only six hours. (It actually took longer because we stopped for two hours in Yuma so I could do a client project at the local Starbucks.) I saw 'only' because we've had up to 13 hour drives in the past. We're trying our best to avoid doing those again. Six hours still allows us time to visit with people in the morning, not get started on the drive until noon, and still get to where we want at a reasonable hour.

There's something exciting about driving. Perhaps it's knowing that the family gets to spend the entire day together listening to good music, visiting, sharing thoughts about the scenery. That's definitely part of it. It's also the feeling I get when traveling of taking a journey, living an adventure, having a goal to reach. Some days I truly think I'd love to just drive and drive and drive the rest of my life. And of course there are other days I'm glad to know we'll be staying put for a bit.

3 Responses to The Excitement of Being on The Road

  1. Joel D Canfield

    Hard to put into words how marvelous it is, how thrilled I am to know you love our nomadic life the way I do; especially the thought of just driving and driving.

    We're a good match :)

  2. Jerry & Kimberly Peterson

    Just found your blog from RV Parking and we agree 100%. This lifestyle is fabulous and we too are a great match, have to be to live this close together day after day!

  3. Joel D Canfield

    Howdy, Jerry & Kimberley! Glad to hear from fellow travelers. Isn't it great traveling with your best friend?

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