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Challenge: Eating on the Road

Posted by on 12 January 2011

As we embarked upon our nomadic lifestyle some wondered if it would really be possible to avoid eating out. Many people who travel tend to eat out a lot either at restaurants or fast-food establishments. Not only is this more expensive, it's often harder to have the optimum nutritios foods. It's our goal to continue eating the healthy foods we are accustomed to and to avoid eating out except occasionally.

Since we started living as nomads over three months ago, we've only paid for one meal out. While in San Diego we just had to take Fiona to a Boll Weevil and have their burger and fries. And someone else took us out to eat while we were in Denver. And yes, there has been the occasional stopsat a Starbucks or Tim Hortons or other local coffee shop for a coffee or tea. But the majority of the time we've purchased and prepared our own food.

Here's our usual menu:

Hot tea - we buy loose tea and brew a small pot each morning in a tea pot we take with us everywhere
Fresh fruit - usually a banana and an apple; Fiona loves grapes and strawberries
Fiona sometimes will have a yogurt. Her favorite flavor is strawberry.

Bread - when we're staying somewhere for a bit, we try to make our own bread from scratch. We carry our own yeast with us everywhere we go and have a round baking stone that's perfect for round loaves. Otherwise we'll buy a loaf for the day at the bakery section in the store. We love whole wheat and sourdough. Fina likes french bread.
Fresh vegetables - cucumber, baby carrots, tomatoes (Fiona's favorite are grape tomatoes), bell pepper, avocado. We carry Kosher or sea salt as well.
Olives (green for Joel and I; black for Fiona)
Fiona will often have a string cheese and a hot dog (the hot dog has to be plain, cold, no mustard, no bun)

Often if we're driving, it's the same thing as lunch. When we're staying somewhere, we'll buy food and prepare it ourselves and share with our hosts. We either have a pasta or rice with vegetables or perhaps some chicken and vegetables. We love to make our own refried beans from scratch and have that with baked brown rice and corn tortillas. A giant stir fry with all kinds of vegetables and grilled chicken is another favorite.

This is how we ate at home before we embarked upon the nomadic lifestyle. It's very healthy and inexpensive. We've found our hosts love to have us cook for them. And while driving down the road, Joel loves to have me feed him chunks of bread and various vegetables. Now I have to admit there are times when preparing and eating food in the car can be challening. This is especially true if it's dark. And the bouncing of the road can make for additional challenges. Planning for shorter driving distances in a day will allow us more time to pull over and have a meal while sitting at a park picnic bench or other rest area stops.

The really good news is that we are staying within budget and not gaining weight!

One Response to Challenge: Eating on the Road

  1. Joel D Canfield

    Bumps in the dark have resulted in more than one cucumber slice or tiny tomato rolling around on the floor on my side of the car.

    But I sorta like the experience. That, and once we're rolling I just hate to stop, even to eat.

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