Sue’s Songs in February and What’s Next

So I’ve written some lyrics this year also as a participant in FAWM. I certainly don’t claim to be in the same class as Joel or my daughter Rachelle. But I thought it would be fun to see if I could come up with anything. I’ve even had two of my songs put to music by other musicians. I don’t think I’ll get rich with them or anything. :) But it was fun and I may do some more.

We have two and a half weeks left here in Mesa Arizona. Then we’ll be back in Roseville California for three weeks during which time my daughter Rachelle gets married. Then it’s right back here to Mesa to house sit for our friends. We’ve also confirmed we’ll be house sitting for another friend in New Mexico for a few weeks in June and July.

Maybe between mid-April and June we’ll go see Joel’s mom again in Wisconsin for a couple of weeks. Who could we house sit for between Wisconsin and New Mexico sometime between there?


  1. Sue & Joel, I just love reading about your adventures! Your fam seems like my kind of peeps and I hope I get to meet you guys one day! Congrats on your daughter’s upcoming nuptials, as well as the many projects your family has/is/will tackle!



  2. Thanks Colleen. We’re glad you enjoy reading about our adventures. We’d love to meet you in person when we’re in your area. Where would that be? Maybe we can even have a small in person meetup with other local virtual workers in your area. Sue

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