Hole in the Rock at Papago Park in Phoenix Arizona

Today our hosts, Terry and Virgie Wilson, took us to see the Hole in the Rock at Papago Park in Phoenix Arizona. Since Fiona is home schooled, it was a field trip for her as well. We had a lot of fun climbing up to the hole in the rock and back down.

After we ate our picnic lunch, we fed the birds in the pond. Then Virgie and Fiona did some exploring while Joel and I had a chance to relax and enjoy the perfect weather today. It was sunshine and 76 degrees with a nice breeze!

Enjoy our pictures!


  1. Think I could use a little of that.

    I’m loving the snowdrops that are now peeking through the lawn (well, lawn is a bit of a misnomer – out of the moss that should be a lawn) and watching the forsythia getting ready to burst into yellow sprays on our next warm, sunny day.

    I don’t even mind the rain. It’s mild-ish …. umm, converting, ummm …. okay, you probably don’t think 48 degrees F is exactly mild but it’s February and I don’t mind wearing gloves. The yard is inviting me out to do some pruning.

    The house is cozy in that way that begs you to grab a blanket and sit in the window seat and read a book.

    All good, but I think I’m willing to put it all aside for a week in a t-shirt, climbing around in some red rocks!

  2. I’m sorta dreading going back to northern California in 12 days, with the drizzle and grey and chill. But at least we’ll be back here 3 weeks later in what should be even better weather than it is now.

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