Just Another Day (FAWM 2011 #11)

Sue wrote this about her father, and I desperately wanted to put it to music. I’d like to nudge a few of the words a bit to make it easier to sing. I was amazed at the chord progression that presented itself as I read the words. I’ve asked around, and the musicologists at FAWM can’t even agree what key it’s in.

Listen to ‘Just Another Day’

Sue’s Liner Notes:

My father (he’s been dead nearly 20 years) was never officially diagnosed with bipolar but all the symptoms were there. The extreme emotions, feeling the depths of despair and then great joy, were challenging to deal with. As I’ve learned more about this disorder and dealt with other’s who have it, I’ve come to understand why my father was the way he was. These lyrics just touch the surface of the many conflicting emotions a person with the disorder and those around them have to deal with on a daily basis.

Joel’s musical notes: as I was reading this, the most complex chord progression I’ve ever created came into my head. I had no idea what it was and no idea where it came from. Discovering the C6 was a bear because I could hear it but I couldn’t find it on the guitar. Switched to piano and it came right out.

My classical guitar is tuned to D instead of E so I had to relearn it on the keyboard to record that part. Fun.

Chords are D Dmaj7 C6 G Bb F C and I have no idea what key it’s in. Must absorb more theory.


looking down into the reflection
seeing an image without a face
arms reached out and grabbed
pulling in the opposite direction

just another day
drifting along
never quite at peace
just another day

drifting blowing in the breeze
suspended floating away
what’s happening here?
all this turmoil; no peace


twirling dancing happy as a clam
flying reaching for the stars
sucked in by a whirling vortex
exploding bursting the dam


fireworks sparkle in the sky
joy happiness and despair
when will it end?
another day’s gone by

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