Ushuaia, the End (FAWM 2011 #14, Dedicated to “Family On Bikes”)

In June of 2008, the Vogel family set out from as far north as you can get on this continent, heading for as far south as you can get on the next continent.

By bicycle.

By the time they arrive in just a few days their twin sons will hold the world record for traveling the length of the Americas by bicycle.

Read their story, starting with the press release they’ve prepared for the big finish, and listen to a little melody that came into my head as I was reading Nancy’s email a couple days ago. Ushuaia is at the southern end of Tierra del Fuego in Argentina . . . down at the end of the world.

Listen to ‘Ushuaia: The End’

If you click the “listen” link above, you’ll see a “Download” link. Help yourself!


  1. Thank you, Patrick. I don’t record many instrumentals so I’m glad when they work out.

    Being a bit rushed, I didn’t slow down enough to realize I needed to record it in B minor (not D minor) in order to use my Irish tin whistle which is in D.

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