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How Do You Do Laundry?

Posted by on 16 March 2011

You may have a routine for laundry. Perhaps one day a week you get it all done at once. Or one day is for towels and sheets, another for clothing. What soap do you use? Do you have laundry baskets and hampers?

Now that we're nomads, doing laundry is different. When we had our own washer and dryer I did laundry daily. Joel likes to have a fresh towel every day if possible and doesn't really like to wear the same thing more than once before it's laundered. That's not always possible now.

Though there are laundromats we could use, that hasn't been necessary. Nor do we do laundry every day anymore. So far all of our hosts where we've stayed have generously allowed us use of their washer and dryer, and even their laundry soap.

When we're at a place more than a day or so though I like to contribute toward the expense by purchasing our own soap and leaving behind what's left. Where we're at now there are eight of us using the laundry facilities so sometimes there's a lot of laundering going on. I bought some detergent and am sure there will be some to leave behind.

It's no longer a daily task; it's something that usually happens every few days now. We still have clean clothes at all times. Until a few days ago we used a sturdy garbage bag to haul our dirty laundry around. But at Walmart we found a pop-up hamper with convenient carrying handles. It folds flat but pops us easily and stays open quite well. It's made of mesh and is just the right size. We think we may buy a couple more since they come in handy when you need an extra carrying bag of some sort.

So it's different now but hasn't ever once been a problem doing laundry as nomads.

4 Responses to How Do You Do Laundry?

  1. Melanie

    Oh, I'm soooo tired of using RV campground washer and dryers! I'm really thinking about buying some simple devices that I we can wash some small loads here and hang them to dry. Honestly, this is the only part of fulltiming I really do not like.

    Great website... I look forward to reading more about your adventures, and maybe we'll see you on the road.

  2. Sue L Canfield

    Thanks Melanie. I'll go check out your site as well.

    We've been so very fortunate to be able to use laundry facilities of our friends and hosts wherever we stay. The last time we had to use a laundromat was when we were still in our home in Roseville. We had sold our washer and dryer about 2 weeks before we were heading out. It wasn't too bad though as our family made an event out of it.

  3. Joel D Canfield

    Howdy, Melanie! Since virtually anything can be washed by hand in a tub, it's mostly a matter of volume, isn't it? We all need more natural fabrics and very durable clothes, and it's all a lot easier.

    And some of us (I'm looking at you, Joel) could be a little less fussy about wearing the same pants twice . . .

  4. Ryan Cornmesser

    We have six of us. We do laundry constantly. We use arm and hammer soap since it smells nice and cleans just about anything. We use a laundromat. At least once a week. A lot of times twice a week. We use regular white laundry baskets from walmart. 4 of them stacked in front of our fridge. and - come follow the adventure

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