Grandma Arrives by Plane for Rachelle’s Wedding

Today my mom arrives for Rachelle’s wedding Saturday. We’ll be picking her up at the airport this morning. She had knee surgery three months ago and this is her first time on a plane since then. Our good friends Eric and Heather, who we’ve house sit for in the past, are kindly putting her up.

Grandma already sent up Great-Grandma’s silver. Rachelle inherited great-grandma’s silver in a beautiful felt-lined wooden box. I only wish great-grandma was still around. She would have been 105 next month. She passed away 7 years ago just before she turned 98 on January 26 exactly one month to the day after Joel and I got married.

Rachelle and I were very close to my grandma. It was very hard that I had moved 500 miles away a few months before she died. Fortunately I did get to see her one last time a few weeks before. Joel and I had been on a trip in Arizona when we decided to drive to San Diego so I could see grandma. Though by then she was becoming less coherent, I am very glad I had a little bit of time with her.

Fiona is the only one of her great-grandkids she never met. That’s the saddest thing for me. I know they would have liked each other very much. Today I will think very fondly of my great-grandma as I pick up her daughter and my mom from the airport.


  1. I wish Great-Grandma was around to see me get married. I can’t wait to see her again and introduce her to Ryan. :)

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