Meet Other Traveling Families

Today we met other traveling families. I connected with these families on Twitter and found out they were in the Phoenix Arizona area at the same time as us. So we arranged to meet up at The Riparian Institute in Mesa for lunch today. Let me introduce you.

The Boyink family started traveling the same month as us, September 2010. We’re all getting ready to post our 6-month blog posts. You can read all about their family and travels at their blog. Joel especially enjoyed chatting with Mike about Mike’s book, Building an ExpressionEngine 2 Site.

Courtney and her toddler are NomadBaby and travel along with Courtney’s husband. He was unable to make our meetup. Fiona enjoyed having a little girl to play with at the park and we ran into them again at the local library. Check out their blog too.

Jennifer and Kevin are planning to start their travels in a few months. You can follow them on Twitter. They plan to travel for a couple of years before settling down to start a family.

We really enjoyed getting to know these families a bit better and finding out more about how and why they travel. When we’re in Colorado next month we hope to meet up with another father and son who are traveling.

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