Fiona is Back in Kindergarten

Fiona is in First Grade. But yesterday she was back in Kindergarten for the day. Yes, once again, we got to visit Mrs. Parker’s Kindergarten class in Colorado. There are more pictures over at Fiona’s blog.

The class shared their songs with Fiona. She was hesitant at first. She’s not used to having so many kids around her. But she warmed right up. She showed them her ukulele and passed out the journals our family made for each of them. They planned to take them to the aquarium today on their field trip to take notes.

Fiona also used the maps to show the class some of the places we’ve been and are going to. She also pointed out Prague, where the couple we are house sitting for are currently vacationing.


  1. It was a GREAT visit and the class was so excited to use their new journals today!! Now, if I can just arrange to teach 2nd grade next school year so I can continue to have Fiona visit when you pass through Denver….

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