Dinosaur Ridge, Timberline Park and Music in Colorado

While we’re in Longmont Colorado this week we decided to have a ‘vacation’ and spend some time seeing some things. This past Friday we took Mrs. Parker’s suggestion and went to Dinosaur Ridge in Morrison. Fiona had a chance to dig for fossils – though she never actually found any. We learned about dinosaurs in the Exhibit Hall. Then we took a walk a bit up Dinosaur Ridge.

After that we went to Timberline Park where Fiona met a new friend. She was braver than ever – climbing to the top of the playground equipment! She ended up sliding down the slide quite a bit more than usual. Joel enjoyed some quiet time reading while Fiona was playing.

That evening we met Dorothy (a.k.a. Mrs. Parker, the Kindergarten teacher) and friends and Joel got to play music. Fiona enjoyed checking out the aquarium at Roxy’s home and played a bit on the computer.

Fiona’s really enjoying our day trips and there are more posts to come about more we’ve taken.

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