Working By the Lake

We’re working here at The Rice Lake Public Library while Fiona plays and reads. This morning I took a photo from grandma’s window showing the lump of snow still not completely melted and the lake in the background. It snowed this morning again. Not much. But it’s supposed to be spring!

I forgot to post when we left Colorado that Rita and Carl gave us some Tiramisu they brought from Prague. It was delicious! The rest stop just before we entered Nebraska was cool.

Hopefully the weather will warm up enough in May to walk along the lake and not feel like we’re freezing here in Rice Lake.


  1. I wore GLOVES today!!!! It was 10 degrees in the sun. That’s Celsius for those of you who have had the great white North myth confirmed. Most people do NOT wear gloves at 10 degrees, but 10 is my magic cut off temperature. In the shade it was quite nippy at times. This is UNUSUAL for us.

    But all is in bloom so I’m not really complaining.

  2. I’m pretty quick to whip out my fingerless wool gloves. My hands figure prominently in my work and my hobby, so I keep ’em warm, wear protective gloves when packing and unpacking, and keep sharp objects, flames, stuff like that, well away.

    It was about 10C when I drove from my mom’s apartment back to the motel we moved to yesterday. Since it’s been below freezing most nights the past two weeks, having it be nearly 50F in the middle of the night gave hope.

    This morning it’s drizzling and about 40F so I’ll keep hoping.

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