Alone At Last!

Last Saturday was a special day. For a few hours Joel and I were alone together, without Fiona. It’s the first time in many weeks. We love her dearly but she so needed time to play with a friend. And we so needed some time just the two of us to relax and visit.

Fiona made a friend her age in our local Bible Study group. She went to her friend’s house for a few hours so they could play – and have pizza for dinner. Both girls were so excited! The time went by too fast.

Joel and I drove around a bit and enjoyed the scenery. It had rained quite a bit earlier in the day. So now the skies were blue, the white clouds just right. The trees and grass are green and the air was as well. The tulips are beautiful.

Tulips in our friend's backyard
Tulips in our friend's backyard

It’s very relaxing just to be alone together and visit.

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