Music and Roses

Larry and the saxophone
Larry playing sax

Joel’s been able to set up all his music equipment here in Albuquerque. There’s plenty of room and since we’ll be here for several weeks, it gives him an opportunity to easily practice every day. He’ll be recording some of his music while we’re house sitting here.

Larry playing flute

Our new friend Larry is a musician. Last Saturday Joel sat in on Larry’s band practice. Larry is in two bands! Last night Joel and Larry got together and played. Larry plays the flute and the saxophone. Both he and Joel view music as much-needed therapy.

My ‘therapy’ this week was to prune the roses more and bring a few in for a nice bouquet.

Sue and her roses
Sue and her roses


  1. Wow! I took a picture of you that actually looks like you! We’ll have to do that again some time.

    I love that you love my music. I hope roses grow well in Ireland.

  2. Thanks Amy! Joel is very happy to have room to play. I know how important it is to him and it makes each day better when he can play some of his music.

  3. Thanks Caitlyn. Joel works hard to get one of me that doesn’t have the ‘deer-in-the-headlights’ look. I tend to freeze up when I know my picture’s being taken and they often turn out looking like I’m terrified!

  4. Haha – Terrified is better than stoned. Until my daughter-in-law took me under her wing every photo of me looks like I’ve been indulging in “the herb”… something I’ve never done!

    Now, at least, it’s 50-50 on a bad day. Not to say all photos are good photos, definitely NOT, but the eyes half closed doesn’t happen all that often. Sometimes I’m even smiling!

  5. I didn’t notice (since I don’t often look at pics of me) that I look tired or frightened, and my hair was unusually bad that day,

    But the music turned out good. I’ll post links somewhere; just guitar and flute. We didn’t record any sax; Larry said he just couldn’t make it work with my music ’cause my stuff is so lyrical, and not very bluesy. I’m find with that.

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