Caring for Pets: Dogs, Cats and Fish

Fiona got her first pet when she was about five. They were two small zebra fish that a friend of ours gave us. Of course when we decided to travel, taking the fish along wasn’t an option. So I found a friend willing to take them. Fiona does miss them at times. And like any child sometimes wishes she had a pet cat or dog. So it’s been kind of nice for her to have pets to care for as we house sit.

So far everyone we’ve house sat for has had pets. Our very first house sitting job for friends in Roseville included caring for their two mini dachshunds, Bob and Bentley. We made sure they got fresh water, food, treats and lots of play time with Fiona. Our second house sitting job in British Columbia included caring for their dog Brodie. Brodie is the ‘perfect’ dog. He and Fiona loved to play and go for walks.

Then there were two cats in Colorado. And again here in Albuquerque we have to cats to care for – and three fish. Cats are very different from dogs. They have a mind of their own and I can’t always read their minds. What are they thinking? When a dog barks or whines it’s usually fairly obvious what they need: to go out, they want to play or just curl up and have you brush their hair.

Cats on the other hand mew and rub up against your leg; you check and yes they do have food and water and a clean litter box. So you think maybe they’d like to play a bit. But they don’t play like dogs do. You invite the cat up on your lap to curl up and get petted. They may do that for a bit then quickly run off and mew at you. What is it they want? Why is it they run right in front of you as you’re walking with your cup of tea and then you nearly trip and fall?

These cats appear happy and healthy so we  must be doing something right. And the fish? Fresh food and water and they never make a sound! Easy!


  1. Sue,

    Met you a long time ago at Speakers Network Group. Been following your travels. How exciting and educational for your kids.
    Read your article and would like to share on FB.

    My first goal when I started my pet sitting business in Roseville was to travel anywhere possible. Did do some traveling and pet sitting from Yosemite to Capitola, up to Grass Valley. Would love to travel the states or even Europe pet/house sitting. Maybe soon.

    Take care

    Linda Distler

  2. yeah cats are a conundrum! I think when ours meow even when everything is right, it’s either because they’re bored, want different food, or want some attention. Oh maybe they’re saying what’s the square root of 329?!

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