Challenge: Routine

The challenge: maintaining a routine. Many wonder how it is possible to maintain a routine while traveling. There are especially concerns about some sort of routine for Fiona and her schooling. And of course our work. So what’s our routine and how do we maintain it?

We’ve always had a rather flexible routine in our way of life. Important things get done while allowing ourselves lots of spontaneity in life.

One of the most challenging things is arriving at a new place where we know we’re going to be for a few weeks and getting settled in. If we can settle in quickly, in a day or so, we can maintain our routine and get more done. We continue to work on that. One of the first things we do when we get to a new place is find the place we’re going to work and get our computers set up. Next we need to find a place for the books and materials Joel needs to refer to for his work.

Of course the days we’re traveling on the road we don’t have the same routine we have when we’re house sitting. But there are some constants even then. It’s very important that Fiona has our attention, particularly at bedtime. We always try to read with her and say her nightly prayers. One night a week we have a family night where we give special attention to her spiritual instruction. We often play games as well. Joel and I have developed the habit of reading some spiritual material together first thing in the morning over a cup of tea. This helps us feel closer to each other and to our Creator.

We’ll have to start some new routines once school begins again. I usually have Fiona sit with us wherever we’re working so I can supervise her school work. Some of it is done on the road as we drive. The important thing is that Fiona knows we’re always here for her. And that’s our routine.

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