Quick Update on Where We Are Now

We had a wonderful visit in San Diego this past week. We got to catch up with family and Fiona met lots of her aunts, uncle, cousins and second cousins. The van is repaired and runs great!

We drove yesterday from San Diego to Phoenix to stay a few days with our friends here in Arizona. We all enjoyed the pool yesterday and plan to do so again later today to cool off from the 100 degree plus temperatures.

The plan is to drive from here to Albuquerque in a few days for a short stop, then through Colorado and Nebraska to land at our friend’s doorstep in South Dakota for a few days. There are three little girls there waiting to play with Fiona. Then to Wisconsin for a visit with Joel’s mom and finally ending up in Minnesota for our three week house sitting gig.


  1. I see things didn’t patch together for a stop here. :-( Probably the only time I’ve wished for a little bigger house. When does Minnesota house-sitting end?

  2. Yeah, I’ve been meaning to send the notices to our northern contingent that we won’t be making that trip this summer.

    We leave Minnesota the beginning of October and head straight to New Jersey to stay ’til nearly spring.

    And after that, it’s anybody’s guess.

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