Tomorrow – Albuquerque Once Again!

It’s our last day in Phoenix this time around. Today Joel will get to play music with Terry and friends coming over to practice. Tomorrow we’ll drive to Sonja’s in Albuquerque and stay two nights with her. Stir fry dinner tomorrow! Then it’s an overnight stop in Colorado Springs with Chris and John and another overnight stop in Nebraska before we land for two days in South Dakota. Then Rice Lake, here we come!

Joel playing
Ever feel like you're going uphill and never getting anywhere?

I just thought everyone might enjoy seeing Joel playing at the children’s playground… :)


  1. I’m always glad to see my best side featured in Sue’s photos of me. Gack.

    Sadly, Little Miss Matched no longer sell’s men’s products, so I’m going to have to go independent on the mismatched socks. I wonder if I can get light-weight sock blanks, and dye my own. Rick’s mention of colors like phthalo blue and alizarean crimson (wait; that last was Donavan) has made me want solid bright colors, artfully mismatched.

  2. I’d forgotten those folks. Bamboo rayon. How groovy! I found cheap synthetics at WalMart for $6 a 3-pack. Dharma is only $10 for something 94% natural. I’m gettin’ me some.

    One bright green, one bright orange, one bright red, one bright blue, one bright yellow, and one . . . yes, that would be purple.

    Next pack will get subtler shades, so I could wear a bright screaming orange with a gentle melon color.

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