House Sitting in Minnesota with Two Boxers, Three Cats and One Homeschooler

We’ve been house sitting in Saint Paul for about 10 days and have about 10 days to go.  Our host is on vacation in Europe and has two boxers and three cats that needed to be cared for. It’s actually not that hard. The boxers are very friendly and most obedient. It was a challenge one morning when the male decided to stay under the house when we wanted him to come back in to his kennel so we could leave for a bit. He finally came in though and we got done what needed to be done.

One of the cats can be seen often and likes to sleep on the bed at my feet. No problem. Two of the cats I didn’t even see for a few days. The like to hide. Last night all three of them came out to the living room and wanted attention while Fiona and I were watching TV.

And then there’s our homeschooler – Fiona. She started second grade on September 1st. We have a huge pile of all kinds of fun books to learn from. She loves the geography book and the map of the world puzzle.

We’ve made some new friends and will be visiting with the niece of one of our friends in California later this week. We’re planning the next leg of the trip the first week of October as we leave here, go back to Wisconsin for a few days and then head towards Philadelphia and New Jersey. We’ve got that big book release party to prepare for in Philly in November.

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  1. Wrestlers, I tell ya. Better than Boxers.

    I fear you will not sign up for house-sitting here for some time. Although, the weight loss potential of exercising a Border Collie is quite excellent! The get other life done potential isn’t quite as excellent. ;-)

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