Things I Miss in My Nomad Life

I miss the big comfy chair where I used to fall asleep meditating every night.

Always having a working oven. Homemade bread is a huge part of our diet, but I also miss baking a pie or brownies or enchiladas.

My music room. Having all the practicing and recording equipment all set up and ready at a moment’s notice.

Books. Most of my books are in storage (about 8 boxes) and once in a while I go looking through the ones I do have along, and the one I’m looking for isn’t there.

The best library in the world: Rice Lake Public Library. At the time it seemed a bit of a nuisance that my Mom doesn’t have internet access and we had to walk across the parking lot to the library, right on the same block. But I miss Fiona having a place to play and read all day long; the librarians who really enjoyed having us there; a nice table to spread our work out, and our choice of being upstairs where the kids were, or down in the basement (with its very own WiFi network.)

I miss the other three seats in the van. Took ’em out to make room for all we needed to pack, but now when the whole family goes anywhere, we take James’ car which is far less comfortable and fun to drive. And when there’s a reason to play chauffeur, we can’t.

And that just might be it.

Once we have our own home, we’ll have to sort out retrieving our stuff from storage, at least a full van’s worth, meaning nearly $1,000 in travel costs. Which would only be after $3,000-$4,000 to pay the deposit and first month’s rent.

We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, eh?

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