Iowa Has Great Rest Stops

Iowa rest stop

We left this morning at 7:30 a.m. CST from Rice Lake, Wisconsin. When we hit Iowa, we stopped at the first rest stop. It’s great! Two stories, looks like a barn, free wi-fi at the coffee shop, and a nearby gas station with good gas prices.

Iowa rest stop

We took a short break at the rest stop to use the wi-fi and catch up on some work. Fiona posted “Adventures On The Road” at her blog.

It was a beautiful, sunny day and we saw lots of green grass and white clouds. We also saw some bison and baby cows. Now we’re settled in to our hotel in Kansas City and looking forward to driving to Tucumcari, New Mexico tomorrow.


  1. Iowa has great roadside rest stops. We have been delighted how nearly every state has excellent places to stop, stretch, use WiFi, in a clean safe environment.

    Except, sadly, California, where the rest stops are generally filthy, sometimes literally an outhouse, with zero amenities of any kind.

    We always look forward to coming south through Iowa.

  2. That is surprising. Not how I imagined California to be at al. I will know to avoid that state when I eventually do my USA road trip.

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