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I’m a fanatic about pointing the video cameras at everything, then having Sue take notes about what was happening. It’s only natural that a book and DVD will come out of all this.

If you’d like to pre-order an autographed copy of the book or DVD or both, they’ll be ready in about a year.

Yeah, that’s a long time. You’d like something now, wouldn’t you?

We’ll be creating lots and lots of content; video, audio, photos, rusty tin cans; who knows. Most of it will be here at the blog, shared with all and sundry. But longer videos and some content will cost us money to deliver, and we think it’s fair that those who show good faith by pre-ordering the book or the DVD or just using the ‘Donate’ button on the left would benefit from that extra content.

Virtually all our readers and followers will be doing just that: reading and following. That’s marvelous. We love seeing the Really Big Numbers on the blog statistics. Most of you will never fork over money to share in this, and we love you all. But if the idea of sharing a little less vicariously resonates, well, we’ll love you, too.

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