Scary Suspension Bridge Over Vancouver’s Lynn Canyon

Catching up on some more video from our Vancouver trip. Someone told us about this swinging scary bridge 150 above the floor of Lynn Canyon, so of course, we had to go see.

Fiona was very brave. I don’t know what Sue was, but she seemed to like it.

Here’s proof that I crossed it. Twice. Will I cross it again? Ever? Dunno.

Vancouver Review: Dates & Duration

We crossed the 49th parallel heading north at 9:15 am Monday the 2nd of August.

We crossed the 49th parallel heading south at 3:30 pm Wednesday the 25th of August after spending 3 weeks, 2 days, 6 hours & 15 minutes in Canada

Still to come: statistics (miles, dollars, etc.), impressions, achievements, and more.

Our Amazing Adventure on the Sky Train

Yesterday we found out what an adventurer Fiona really is.

At 1:10 yesterday afternoon we were standing at the bus stop near Queen’s Park waiting for the C4 line to take us to the Columbia Station for the Sky Train.

Confession time: other than a few rides I took on the San Diego Trolley a quarter century ago when it was new, neither of us has ever been on public transportation. Airplanes, taxis, but never a city bus or subway or el or anything like that.

At 1:15 the bus, scheduled to arrive at 1:18, passed by on the other side of the street. I thought they were going to make a U-turn at the corner, but, no. They made a left and disappeared.

By 1:25 I was worried. We’d already delayed our Sky Train adventure by a week because last Saturday it was pouring rain and I had a blinding headache. Was the bus coming? Was the schedule different on the weekends? Was I worrying for no reason? Yeah, of course.

The bus arrived a minute later and we learned how to validate our day passes. We sat down, Fiona and I in the last row and Sue in front of us. Fiona started laughing out loud and said “We’re not wearing seatbelts! I’m so excited that we don’t have to wear seatbelts!” The people around us smiled. I rolled my eyes, knowing that Fiona’s perception of our adventure would be her own, not mine.

We got off at the station and headed up the stairs. When the train whooshed in we got on and stood, holding the poles. Fiona said “We get to stand up? Cool!” People around us smiled again. (You’ll notice a theme developing.)

I’ll assume Sue will talk more about the train itself, but my short version is, it’s fast and fun and Fiona loved how high up it was. When another train passed going the other direction the whoosh was almost a scream.

To go to Stanley Park, we had to get off at the end of the Expo line at the Waterfront Station. Which is also where the Sea Bus shuttles back and forth to North Vancouver, a little less than 2 miles across Vancouver Harbour.

We took the Sea Bus, since the day pass includes it all.

We walked around the waterfront park, looking at geese and ducks and a playground and a giant compass rose in the ground, then went back through the station to the waterfront mall, where we climbed a tower. A big tower. I don’t know how tall it was, I just know that half way up, I started having a panic attack. I turned to go back down and there were Fiona and Sue, trudging up behind me. Fiona was moving slowly like she always does on stairs, but she was coming.

I turned around and continued climbing. Exactly in the center of the stairs.

At the very top, I looked out over the water to Vancouver and the mountains beyond.

Then I looked down at the ants; um, I mean, people, on the wharf. I didn’t cry, whatever Sue tells you.

Fiona came up the stairs and stood in the center of the landing, looking out at everything. She thought it was hot and her legs were tired. She seemed supremely unimpressed by the height.

I went down. She followed, slowly. Not because of the height; she goes down three steps the same speed she climbed down this tower. When we got to the bottom I decided to breath again. I enjoyed it. The breathing, I mean.

We took the Sea Bus back to Waterfront Station, then walked to the 19 bus which took us to Stanley Park. It’s really big. The park, not the bus.

We headed for the rose garden and Lost Lagoon and somehow stumbled into a wedding on the grass. Not into it, but behind the seats. We got almost past the wedding and Sue said “I don’t think this is the way” so we turned back. (You’ll want to make a mental note of this moment in the story.)

After walking for 15 minutes we finally found an information booth where a helpful chap showed us where we were on the map (not where we expected, but then, we’d expected that.) We trudged back up the hill, and I secretly hoped Fiona would forget about the Lost Lagoon while she was at the playground we were to pass, because it just looked like a really long walk.

And of course, we missed the right turn at the playground and ended up just across the road from the Lost Lagoon, which is beautiful and worth the walk.

We headed back up (after two pauses to rest on the benches in the shade) and came almost to the playground. Off to the left, about 30 feet, was the rose garden. Right there in sight.

Fiona played; Sue and I sat on the swings (big sturdy things that worked even for me) and talked about how sitting in those swings was the most relaxing part of the day. After while we sat on the bench, and then when it was time to go, Sue called Fiona and pointed off the way we came. “That way, right?”

Um, no; the opposite direction, Y’know, to the rose garden? I’m not sure what the baleful glare was all about; I thought she wanted to see the roses.

The were beautiful, really. I loved Rhapsody in Blue, a violet rose with so little red it almost looks blue. We headed back in what felt like the right direction, over a little rise—into the back of the wedding, where we’d been more than an hour earlier, looking for the roses.

Yeah, men and directions. Uh huh.

Anyway, on the way home we stopped and saw the biggest tin soldier in the world and I listened to 1.5 songs by a local band playing on the wharf (then they went on break) and then we missed all the buses and walked home from Columbia Station, including a 6-block detour the wrong way and finally got home just before 9:00 and I thought “Fiona is the most amazing 6-year-old in the world.”

I told her so.

Saturday’s Adventure: Skytrain, Seabus, & Stanley Park

Saturday we finally took Fiona on her long-promised Skytrain ride. We each got an all day pass that allowed us to ride the Skytrain, Seabus and city buses in any zones. So we took full advantage of it. After lunch we walked the block to the bus stop and then took the bus to the nearest Skytrain Station. From there we rode the Skytrain all the way to Vancouver.

Joel taking public transportation:

Joel taking public transportation

Fiona didn’t want to sit. She loved hanging on to the poles and getting jerked around as we came to a stop and started again. She had a blast! In Vancouver we took the Seabus across to North Vancouver. We walked around the Waterfront Park and then walked across the way to the other side of the Seabus station. There was a very high stair case we climbed which Fiona actually didn’t enjoy but she did it. Below there were kids playing in bubbles in water. I mean the children were enclosed in these huge plastic bubbles that were in the water and they had fun playing in them. We shot video and will have to post it later.

Fiona on the Seabus:

Fiona on the Seabus

We took the Seabus back to Vancouver and then chatted for a bit with a lady that’s originally from the UK. She’s traveled to Spain and Scotland as well where she has cousins. Then it was to the bus to go to Stanley Park. Where Joel will tell you in another post about our walk and how close we were to the Rose Gardens when we first arrived and how long it took us to actually get there.

Yellow Roses - Sue's favorite

At Stanley Park Fiona also saw ducks and raccoons. Then she got to play at the park and make a new friend while Joel and I swung on the swings. We finally took the Skytrain back into New Westminster and ended up walking home, much of it uphill. Joel will also share more of that story.

It was a great adventure day and we all had a lot of fun!

Updated August 19, 2010 with pictures!

Connecting with People and New Friends

This morning we’ll be visiting with new friends as we walk in the neighborhood taking in scenery and visiting. This afternoon we reconnect with Kathy, an aspiring virtual assistant who attended the Client Communication Clinic last Friday. We’ll be meeting her at a Waves Coffee Shop at 2:30 in North Vancouver on Lynn Valley Road. I like that name for a road. Maybe because my middle name is Lynn. If you’re in the North Vancouver area around 2:30, stop by and say hi.

Tonight we’re going to have dinner with some new friends. Their son lives in Yuba City California, approximately 45 minutes from our home base of operations in Roseville California. The husband is Irish and you know how Joel loves everything Irish. We look forward to a nice evening of good food, great conversation and some card playing.

Meeting Virtual Assistants in Person in Vancouver British Columbia

The Client Communication Clinic we hosted in Vancouver last Friday was great! We finally met Renee Shupe, The Redhead VA, in person. We also met an aspiring virtual assistant and are meeting her again Wednesday while we’re still in the Vancouver area.

We will be in the Vancouver area until August 23rd at least. We’d love to meet other local virtual assistants in person and chat with you about your business. If you were unable to attend the Client Communication Clinic and would like to receive the instructional materials, we’d love to meet with you and provide you all the materials for the same cost as the Clinic. Today we were able to meet with Maureen of Kairos Business and had a very nice chat about business. Maureen is a virtual assistant based in Maple Ridge.

We will meet with you in person anywhere within the Vancouver area at a time convenient to you for up to 3 hours and provide:

1. Client Communication Clinic CD package ($100.00 Value) – over 5 hours audio and 7 Special Reports on the following topics:

  • Identifying Your Ideal Client and Target Market
  • Networking Creates Word of Mouth Referrals
  • Converting Prospects to Clients
  • Effectively Marketing With Your Newsletter
  • Bonus Tips: Grow Your Business as a Chief Virtual Officer
  • 7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success by John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing

2. Building Blocks: Succeed as a Chief Virtual Officer, a 72-page action guide. ($19.95 Value) We use this action guide during the Clinic. You will also receive an Implementation Checklist to help you implement what you learn from the CD and Action Guide  in your business right away!

3. Personalized business advice and answers to your questions about your Virtual Assistant business.

All this for $100.

If you’d like to take advantage of this special offer, use our contact form and let us know where and when you’d like to meet and we’ll work out all the details.

Quiet, Relaxing, Rainy Day in New Westminster

Since we arrived on Monday it’s been non-stop work. The Client Communication Clinic yesterday in Vancouver went well. We met an aspiring virtual assistant that we are meeting again next week at a North Vancouver Waves Coffee Shop to chat with and see how else we can help her get her business up and running.

Today is the first day since we left California that we have all to ourselves to relax and not work. It’s very quiet this morning since the construction workers aren’t working next door on the weekend. It has decided to rain a bit. We’re not sure how that will affect our plans yet to walk to the Skytrain station later. Fiona really wants to ride the Skytrain and we’d planned to do that this afternoon.

Yesterday afternoon we went to the library and Fiona checked out 10 books – all of which she had read before bedtime! I’m going to do some cleaning around our ‘home’ today. And we’ll let you know how that whole Skytrain trip turns out. Stay tuned!

Updated August 19, 2010 with this photo of Brodie the Canine we were dog sitting (I think he was wishing we could go for a walk):

Brodie the Canine

Meet the Nomad Canfields at Waves Coffee Shops in British Columbia

While we’re here in BC we plan to visit, if possible, all the Waves Coffee Shops in BC.  Here’s your chance to meet the Nomad Canfield Family in person! Today, August 5th, we’ll be at the Waves on Columbia in New Westminster from 11:30 am to 12:30. On Monday, August 9th,  you can find us at the Waves in Burnaby at Kingsway & Edmonds from 12:30 to 1:30 pm. We hope you can stop by and chat for a while. We love to meet new people!

Our First Full Day In British Columbia

Yesterday, Tuesday August 3, 2010, was our first full day in British Columbia. We slept with the windows open; it’s very quiet. As soon as I was up I took the dog for a walk and then came home to make our morning tea. Joel and I drank our tea while sitting on the front porch.

We set  Fiona up with a laptop and she worked at one desk while I worked at another close by. Joel sat in a comfy chair in the living room a few feet away working away on his laptop. It was work as usual. We stopped at lunch and ate in the dining area that leads into the back yard through French doors. In the afternoon we had two business calls via Skype that went very well.

Fiona’s enjoying taking the dog for walks and making sure he has his food and water. Last night he was comfortable enough to sleep on his pillow in Fiona’s room. She loves to read in bed and has lots of books to read. We will have to go to the local library still. There’s a huge park nearby and tonight we may explore it. Fiona thinks it’s a forest and I’ve heard they may have an animal petting area.

Tomorrow we’ll go to the local Waves Coffee House and check it out. So if you happen to be in the area of New Westminster, come on by about 11:30 am and say hi!

Updated August 19, 2010 with this picture:


It’s Beautiful and We Want to Stay

We’ve been in Canada less than 6 hours and I already think I want to stay. It’s perfect weather. The sun is shining and there’s a nice breeze. The windows are open! We had a nice walk around the neighborhood while our hosts familiarized us with places within walking distance. We can walk to the grocery store!

The house we’re staying in is beautiful, the neighborhood quiet. The neighbor from across the street already came  over, introduced himself and invited us over to a party they are having this evening.

I’m sure we’ll have lots more to say and tomorrow it’s going to be time to dig in and return to our usual work schedule. We’ll keep you posted!