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Embrace the Unexpected

Tehachipi dusted with snow. A field full of jumbo jets in Mojave. The almost comically hard snow line above the desert. Our first night sleeping in a Walmart parking lot. If our trip had gone as planned we would have missed all this. We would never have planned a trip which included being stuck in … Continue reading »

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No Back; Only Forth

Leaving Sacramento after our daughter’s wedding, Sue pointed out that this was the real beginning of our nomadic life. Up ’til now, everything has either been a dress rehearsal (our month in Vancouver) or a trip (to Montreal) or a temporary holding pattern until we had to go back. We always had to go back. … Continue reading »

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Crafty Lifestyle: Bookbinding

Having more time has made me ponder creative outlets besides my songwriting and business books. Needing a better way to track my projects and day-to-day tasks (my experiment with 3×5 cards was most enlightening) I tried my hand at hand stitching my own little notebook. I need to work on the gluing techniques, and got … Continue reading »

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3-Week Itch

Writing music always pulls emotions up closer to the surface. Weather changes make me happy. Or sad. Depends on what changes and how. Listening to my older daughter’s music is always emotional. But really, I think what I’m feeling today is the 3-week itch. We’ve noticed as we travel that when we land somewhere for … Continue reading »

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Settling in and Starting Over

We’ve been in Mesa, Arizona with our friends Terry and Virgie for 4 days and it’s beginning to feel like we’re settling in. It’s always a little challenge, getting meals sorted, finding everyone’s favorite place on the couch for movies, where laptops go for work and play, bedtime routine for the Little One. Though we … Continue reading »

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Cities: The Relentless Onslaught On Individuality

We had an interesting experience yesterday. Had reason to see half a dozen front doors on the same block Thursday morning. I noticed, at one, the cheap wood they’d used. Knots, with bits missing, raggedy and not attractive. Now, I love the structure of wood, the character. But it should be character, not just flaws. … Continue reading »

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Big Book Launch (And We Helped!)

Last night our friend Kari Hagensmith had a book release party for her first book, The Girlfriend Will . . . which we helped create. Our Someday Box service helps people get their book out of the ‘someday’ box and into their hands. You can read all about it at the Someday Box website.

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Duke the Singing Dog

My brother Brett’s dog Duke likes to sing while Brett plays the harmonica. This is the first time Brett and I have played music together in, um, since, er, I don’t remember. Huh. Must be more than 20 years. How is that possible?

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I Want to Live at the Edge of a Lake

After an event we drove around Lac Davignon. The causeway across the lake, the trees along the shore, the houses reflecting in the rippled surface . . . it’s a memory I wanted to keep. We weren’t talking about anything of consequence so I dropped in three of my songs which almost fit within the … Continue reading »

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Federal Illinois Food

Fiona gets a little impromptu home schooling. Of course, 90% of her schooling is impromptu. It’s not hard teaching an insatiably curious child who reads at college level and loves to talk. Okay, sometimes it’s hard, like trying to define words in a way she’ll take away and care about. Thank you, Charles Handy, for … Continue reading »

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