Campfire Chat

What a great idea, Caitlyn!

Sometimes you might have a question or comment that doesn’t pertain to a particular post, or which, frankly, isn’t to/of/for me. (Someday they’ll discover the center of the universe and I will be seriously put out that it’s not me. Seriously put out. Where was I? Oh yes. Comments.)

This is the campfire for nomads of every ilk. Feel free to discuss and blather and generally ham it up. The site is configured to require approval for your first comment, but after that, you’re family.

Should this fire turn into a blaze, we’ll add a forum to help organise y’all’s thoughts and comments and recipes and such.

Comment away!


  1. Getting excited for you guys! Another new adventure. :-)))

    I think the “Campfire” metaphor is awesome, but when I first came to the site AND was looking to see if you’d decided to put up a talking to each other and random bits page I didn’t make the connection. I had to read about it in the post.

    We know I don’t really mind talking only to nomadic Canfields but I thought it would be fun to share with others.

    PS. Brodie says awoowaowhoa wuff.

  2. Okay, Nomads, you have been letting me see “generous people” for almost 3 days …. We’ll assume you’re having a good time, but we want to know: how good? what kind of good? Are you at your mom’s? Did she check to see if you are washing behind your ears? Really, so many questions.

  3. Arrived at Mom’s last night, with the firm and absolute knowledge that driving 5 days in a row is for the birds. Maybe for professionals. Anyway, it’s for someone other than us.

    More information will be forthcoming. In other words, I’ve got a lotta writing to be done today and tomorrow before the 11-hour trip from west Wisconsin to Michigan via Chicago (meaning we do more states in one day than any other time in our trip: WI, IL, IN, MI)

  4. Good work, folks! Nine years ago, we did 3 weeks of driving with a very few stops for more than an overnight. Most days were 12 to 14 hour driving days. Was a lot of driving. But, you know, as cool as it is to stay with people it was the occasional alone time in a hotel or motel that allowed us to most truly recoup and carry on.

  5. The two days with my mom certainly haven’t been restful, but at least we’re not driving. Staying up ’til 2 watching movies, eating foods I don’t normally eat, drinking coffee to stay awake to watch the movies . . . yeah, going home shouldn’t mean going back, but I did.

  6. Oh, yeah! I hear ya. Being blessed to live near my mother has allowed me to finally let go of that yo-yo…. unless my siblings are there! Haven’t practiced that enough to remain myself – and boom, I’m stealing my brother’s lego and not letting him touch my dolls. So to speak.

  7. Sorry; it’s actually two (well, by tomorrow morning it’s 2, so I already changed it.)

    Snow and French were all good. Just might miss Quebec.

    Planning a ‘where we are’ page, perhaps with a Google map. At least that way I’ll be forced to locate myself once in a while.

  8. Came back to see if anyone was chatting. Alas.

    Have really enjoyed the posts on the opposite of fear. Ian put it up on StumbleUpon.

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