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Since shooting video is a way of life with us, there will also be a multi-disc DVD set from our travels, including not just home movies of beautiful places, but real adventure, practical tips, and other good stuff. Pre-order it right now for $25 plus shipping.

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Since the book and multi-disc DVD set won’t be ready for a year or so, you probably want something right now, don’t you? Of course you do! How about access to an insiders travel forum where we’ll be posting the longer videos that don’t make it to the blog. Once we start traveling, there will be video at least weekly; often 30 minutes to an hour long.

That’s not enough? Okay, how ’bout we send you a postcard from our next stop, wherever that is? Just give us your address and we’ll write a nice card from our next destination.

The real benefit, though, is knowing that you’re supporting an experiment in living better, larger, more—one which we hope will benefit you, personally.

Through the Fog
Here’s something we could ship right away: Joel’s first mystery, set in the west of Ireland. Through the Fog. An amnesiac is chased through the wilds of west Ireland, accompanied by a woman who may or may not be his friend.

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Commonsense Virtual Assistant
Our book for virtual assistants: The Commonsense Virtual Assistant—Becoming an Entrepreneur, Not an Employee


Succeed as a Chief Virtual Officer
Building Blocks: Succeed as a Chief Virtual Officer

Commonsense Entrepreneur
The first step in finding the answers is knowing the questions. My first book, The Commonsense Entrepreneur, will help you avoid pitfalls & enjoy your business more.

The paperback is only
and it’s available as an audiobook, hardcover, and ebook.

Direct from the Artist

Handmade & Homespun
Premium Quality Americana

is a collection of 14 songs by 14 artists which Joel compiled covering slices of Americana from almost traditional folk tunes to fairly assertive rock with stops nearly everywhere in between. It includes Joel’s swingabilly tune It’s Cold Out There along with 13 other gems.

It’s Cold Out There
Joel’s musical goal is to be Roger Miller, now that Roger’s not doing it any more. Wry humour and an occasionally biting wit in a country song that thinks it’s living in the city. Click the little ‘play’ button to hear a clip.

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  1. Oh, look; I forgot to post 49 Commonsense Business Observations which is about to be re-titled 49 Proverbs of Business Heresy

    If you want it, ask about it, though it is included in its entirety in The Commonsense Entrepreneur.

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