3-Week Itch

Writing music always pulls emotions up closer to the surface. Weather changes make me happy. Or sad. Depends on what changes and how. Listening to my older daughter’s music is always emotional.

But really, I think what I’m feeling today is the 3-week itch.

We’ve noticed as we travel that when we land somewhere for a while, at about the 3-week mark, we start to get itchy feet. Fiona starts asking “When are we going to drive again? I’m tired of being in houses.” Sue starts looking for places to go; organising events and coming up with reasons to be on the go, on the road.

stones glow, shadows grow, I have to goMe? I just get fidgety, cranky, and distracted.

We love being here in Arizona. Terry and Virgie are even more dear than they were before we came. Nothing is wrong.

I just wanna leave.

Songwriters have used the wind as a metaphor (or maybe it’s a simile) for ages. Some of us live our lives knowing we have to see what’s around that bend, over the hill, across that river or in the next little town.

I can’t see that from inside a house. Adventure isn’t parading past our door looking for me.

Nomads don’t settle. Nomads move; we’re made from the wind and the sea and the sky, and precious little earth.

I’m a whirling flowing wind that needs to blow.

Seven Weeks in Arizona

We’re settling in at the Wilson’s here in Arizona. We’ve been here a week now and have six more to go. And we’re loving it! Right now I’m sitting outside listening to the waterfall running into the pool and Fiona’s enjoying some outdoor time in the sun.

We’ve known the Wilson’s for seven year. We met when they still lived in Roseville California. Terry and Joel both play bass and enjoy music – a lot! It’s like being with family here. Fiona has her own room and she loves Virgie. Joel has his musical instruments in Terry’s music room. I’m loving the sunshine. Fiona was able to check out books from the local library and we’ve located a nearby park where Fiona played last night.

And business continues. Joel’s working with Terry on his second children’s book and he just placed the order for Jessi Lohman’s proof copy of her upcoming book. Other prospects are contacting Joel as well to help get their book out of their ‘someday’ box.

I’ve also contacted some local virtual assistants and am planning an informal meetup soon. And we were just contacted by another community college in Illinois about possibly using our materials in a class for virtual workers.

So things are moving forward and we’re excited to be in a ¬†great home with great friends and in a routine for a bit. Knowing that we’ll get itchy feet to move on in a couple of weeks, we’re planning a long day’s drive to deal with that. But it will be nice for Joel to be in one place with his music stuff all set up since February is FAWM.

Ideally we hope for a similar situation in April. Some place we can park for anywhere from two to eight weeks house sitting. Maybe somewhere in the south.

Anyone need a ¬†house sitter in April? We’ve got references!

Fun in Phoenix

We had a great stay with the Wilson’s in Phoenix over the weekend. Joel was able to play music Sunday evening with Terry and his friends. Fiona helped Terry’s wife make cookies for the road on Monday. When we left early Monday morning we saw a beautiful sunrise. At a rest area, we found a ‘home on wheels’. Cool but not quite what we’re looking for.

Swimming is Fiona’s P.E. for Homeschooling Today

Fiona is homeschooled and needed something to do today for P.E. Fortunately, the Wilson’s have a pool. Fiona did a lot of swimming when she was very little since we lived in apartments with pools until she was 2. However she hasn’t done much swimming in the past 4 years. Periodically she has been able to swim at Pam and Phil’s house in Roseville. She always starts out quite timid but before long she gets brave and loves the water.

Enjoy these pictures of Fiona’s day swimming in Arizona. She’d love to hear your comments.

We’re Almost There

We leave the day after tomorrow – finally! We’ve been going non-stop for over four weeks preparing for our nomadic life. I’m so glad we’re almost there – ready to drive away. We need a nice long drive to unwind and let go of all the stress!

Today and tomorrow we finish getting things ready. James and Rachelle will come over Wednesday afternoon to say goodbye. Then Thursday morning we pack the van and drive off to Phoenix.

Our first stop will be for two nights in Phoenix, Arizona. We will be staying with our friends, Terry and Virgie Wilson, who recently moved from Roseville. Then a night in New Mexico to stay with Sonja. The next night in Colorado with a former workmate of Joel’s. On Monday October 4th we will reconnect with Joel’s Uncle Denny and then stay with Mimi and her family in South Dakota. Mimi is a virtual assistant who we met in person a few weeks ago when she came to visit her sisters in Sacramento.

Fiona will get to meet her grandma, Joel’s mom. We’ll stay with her three nights and then with our friend Charlie in Michigan. Finally we’ll stay one night in Ottawa with Shawn and finally arrive in Montreal on October 13th.

Stay tuned for updates as we travel!

Have I Always Had the Travel Bug?

Looking back over my 46 years of life (I’m not afraid of my age), I think now perhaps there’s always been a part of me that wanted to get up and go – travel.

As I child the only vacation I remember our family taking was driving to the Grand Canyon. Many times dad just took mom and us four kids for a drive on a Saturday afternoon. That was our entertainment (we weren’t big TV watchers). My favorite thing about going camping when my older kids were growing up was the journey of getting there more than the camping itself.

Yet as an adult I didn’t like the idea of not having a home and stability. I wanted to feel rooted and safe. However as the years passed there were many times when I just wanted to get in the car and drive – and drive and drive and drive. I wanted to pack up and go with no real reason, destination or plan. Yet I never did until I started my life with Joel.

Joel and I started our life together with a 25-hour road trip from Phoenix Arizona to San Francisco California. And then we took several road trips from Sacramento to San Diego during the next year. Our honeymoon was a road trip from our home in Roseville California to Oak Creek Canyon Arizona. We both love to drive, listen to our favorite music and talk during our trips. Since we’ve been taking road trips since before Fiona was born, I think she was born with the travel bug. Even as a baby she was an excellent traveler.

Now we often take off for a day and just drive. The idea now of living in one place (so-called stability) no longer appeals to me. Why does staying in once place equal stability? If my quality of life and enjoyment of life is actually improved by traveling, isn’t that more stable than being in one physical place – feeling stifled?

Yes, I think I’ve always had the travel bug and now have someone to share it with who is even more adventurous than me! And I feel safer than ever.

Here’s to our happy travels!

Dave’s Kitchen

Another segment of my Oak Creek travelogue, originally posted back in 2002

I spend a weekend every other month or so at Dave’s house in the mountains just east of San Diego. Seven years ago he bought a few acres in a little valley and now he and his wife Destiny raise goats and llamas.

Since Dave lives just over an hour east of here (‘here’ being the ocean, which I can hear from my bedroom window) I make it a habit to stop in on my way to Arizona, besides my usual visits. From Dave’s, it’s only a 4–hour drive to Dan’s house in Sun City.

I know the flash didn’t work, but since I spend a huge amount of time in this kitchen, standing at the bar grazing while someone cooks, I thought it should be preserved for posterity.

And during those rare hours when I get some sleep at Dave’s, I have a guest room all to myself.