Not the Parking Brake

We leave one week from tomorrow. And this morning the parking brake broke. Joel went to release the parking brake and it just broke. We use the parking brake as a matter of routine and don’t want to travel without it. Imagine parking on a hill with all our possessions in the van without a parking brake!

Joel pulled it apart and decided he’d be able to replace it if he could get the part. So he called the local auto parts store and was told it would have to be ordered from the dealer. He called the Kia dealership and they said it was a special order part. Fortunately it could be here in two days and only costs $20. It’s ordered, should be here by Friday morning and barring anything else going wrong, we’ll drive away next week with a parking brake.

Of course we’re in such a routine of using it that I immediately drove to the gas station to put gas in the van and put on the brake. Then I had to fish down under there to find a way to manually release it. And I did it again when I came home. Worse things could have happened.

It must be the week for cars to break down though. My son James had to take his car in for clutch repairs and another friend took their truck in for over $1100 work.

The good news is – Fiona makes me laugh out loud every single day! As usual. Thank you Fiona!