Monday’s Trip from Arizona to California

It’s taken me a few days to catch up and get this post written about our trip this past Monday.

Joel and I both woke up at 4 am but decided to try to get some more rest before our alarm went off at 5:45 am. Quick showers, cup of tea, check email, finish packing the van and we were on the road at 7:30 am. Today is the long 13-hour drive from Mesa Arizona to Roseville California.

Our first stop was at the Burnt Well rest area to use the facilities and a quick leg stretch. It was also the first school lesson of the day – learning more about Arizona cacti.

It was interesting to see a bit later snow on the mountains as we came into California.

For lunch we met Susie Speck Mayor at Fab Hot Dog, a hot dog place in Los Angeles she and her husband own and operate. Joel met Susie on Triiibes. Susie treated us all to our choice of hot dog and Fiona had her first YooHoo.

So we’re here in Roseville now and in two weeks our daughter Rachelle gets married.