The Long Haul: In Retrospect

A year ago I wrote about the beginnings of our adventure. Then I wasn’t sure exactly where we’d be in a year or if we’d even decide to leave behind a home and travel. I did know I wanted to do something different.

So we packed up, drove up to Vancouver and spent a glorious three weeks there. The trip made me realize the need for big change in our lives. I had gotten into a rut and the daily grind of getting up and sitting in our dark little home office wouldn’t cut it anymore. I needed to be outside, feeling the sun shine on my face, the wind blowing through my hair. I needed to spend time teaching Fiona about the great big outdoors.

It’s great to be able to go anywhere we want and to maintain our work and keep our clients happy. When our official “one year without a home” time comes at the end of September, I’ll write even more about all this has meant and how I feel. For today I want to thank all the wonderful clients we have who have worked with us even when we are so far apart. Below is just one testimonial from a satisfied client:

I have been truly amazed that with all of Sue’s travels, I haven’t experienced any interruptions in service whatsoever. She has consistently delivered her services to the same great level I’ve come to expect, all since becoming a road warrior! I’m not sure I’d be so resilient, but she and Joel really know how to operate mobile businesses. Well done!” ~ Stephanie Chandler, Author, Speaker, Publisher,

P.S. Stephanie later emailed to say, “It really is remarkable how you’ve managed to go mobile with your businesses. That should be your next book!!” Guess we’ve got more work to do and another book to publish! :)

Guest Post: Client’s Perspective on Work Done While Traveling

In honor of today being one year since we left for Vancouver to start house sitting, one of our client’s wrote this post about how we got work done for her even while we were traveling.

My Reduce the Chaos website sat idle for months because it was difficult to change anything on it, so I decided to move to WordPress when the time to renew the contract was coming up. The first person I contacted was unable to assist me, but they recommended Joel and Sue Canfield, which I had met just a couple of times.  Other people had mentioned what great work they did, so I was excited to work with them.

So on Aug 14th I contacted Sue to ask if they would be interested in assisting me with moving the website, and they agreed to do the transfer and set up for me.  They were fantastic, getting back to me right away.  Once I sent them the information they needed on Aug 18th,  they started on the website. The draft of the website was ready for my review right away and by Aug 22 the Website was completed and approved by me.  They even did a training session with me to walk me through how to use the site, all while they were on the road.  The new website is everything I had hoped for and any time I have a question they are willing to assist me.

Not sure at what point I knew they were traveling, but finding out only made me appreciate Joel and Sue’s exceptional customer service even more.   They have always responded to my requests in a timely and professional manner. They check on my site regularly and let me know if anything needs attention.

A couple of months ago I was trying to make a webpage for my Reduce the Chaos Facebook  Page when I ran into trouble, part of the problem was accidentally changing the theme on my website.  Joel and Sue scheduled a phone call session, logged onto my computer remotely and walked me through getting things straightened out.  Thanks to them everything is back up and running smoothly on Facebook and WordPress.  I know that I can count on them whenever I need support and no matter what location they are in. The big plus is getting to hear of all the adventures they are having along the road as they travel.

They are everything I dreamed of when it comes to having website support and great customer service.

Susan Mayfield
Virtual Office Assistant/Professional Organizer/Speaker
Reduce the Chaos

Client Highlight: Creating a Photography Business

Today I thought I’d take some time to highlight one of our clients. Pam has been a close friend of ours for several years. Last summer she decided to take her love of photography and create a business. She came to Joel and I for business coaching, bought Joel’s book, The Commonsense Entrepreneur, and has made excellent progress.

We started having weekly coaching calls to help Pam define exactly what she wanted to do and how to accomplish that. We currently have a call every other week. When we decided to start our nomadic lifestyle, Pam generously provided note cards of her photographic art work for us to use as thank you cards as we traveled. People all over the country have one of Pam’s note cards that we’ve left behind to say thank you for allowing us to stay with them.

Pam also took some informal photographs at our daughter’s wedding last month. I specifically asked her to take photos of Joel, Fiona and I and here’s the favorite.

The Canfield Family

Please check out Pam’s work at her website, Get The Little Picture. I know you’ll enjoy her blog posts as well.