It’s 7:22 PM and There’s Nothing I Need To Do About It

Best Beloved had left a handful of baby things out by the fence with a ‘Free’ sign. I set the dead empty computer cases out there, too.

Except, not the one which had both a hard drive to bring Computer A back to life and the video card to bring Server B back to life. That one I gutted. Then I put it back out there.

They’re all gone, taken by someone who collects old dead tin boxes, most likely.

They called about the brakes on the van. “There’s nothing wrong with your front brakes.”

“I know. They’re new. We needed the back brakes checked.”

“Oh. They didn’t tell me that. I can’t check your back brakes because your tires are delaminating, and I can’t legally put them back on if I take them off.”

“So, you can’t check the brakes unless I buy tires first?”


And then I wouldn’t have money for brakes. Huh. First things first.

“If you replace the tires, how much is it to check the brakes?”

“No charge just to check them.”

“Ok. Go.” I like to say that to see who starts humming This Too Shall Pass.

They called back an hour later. “Your brakes are fine. Some dust in there; we blew it out so they wouldn’t shudder like that, but the brakes have plenty left.”

So, the money we’d set aside for brakes, not knowing how we were going to pay for tires, too, paid for tires, because we didn’t need the brakes after all.

Then we had pancakes for dinner, which made it whatever is the next step better than a perfect day.