Laptop Problem Solved, Methinks

I’ve whined about my laptop. Yesterday at Brad and Krisy’s, I lost the wireless connection in the antique wireless card. Got to Caitlyn’s today, and it still refuses to connect. Since I’ve made my living as a network technician in the past, I’m confident it ain’t my fault. I think the wireless card or other internal watchamajiggy is dead, like the two batteries.

I’m typing this on an iBook G4, which though it’s nearly 5 years old is more powerful than any computer I own. Yes, the powerful Dell Precision Workstation I use for my audio and video editing, PhotoShopping and all that, is a tad puny compared to this little beast.

As of a few hours ago, it’s mine, a gift from someone who until today, literally could not give it away.

It’s not the newest Mac, not state-of-the-art, but did I mention, it’s now the most powerful computer I own (and including this one, we own eight, including two servers.)

Every once in a while, it feels like all I have to do is look skyward, ask, and receive.

I am, I assure you, deeply grateful. And a little freaked out at the syncronicity of it all.

Must Have Luggage

That could be a noun, were it hyphenated, but it’s a short phrase describing a need.

We have luggage. It’s pretty battered. It has served us well, but it’s nearing the end of its own personal journey.

What have you personally used for lugging stuff around (that’s what you do with luggage, you lug) that you’d never leave home without? What would you recommend for a family of 3 who don’t have a budget but still need good solid luggage?

What I really want is Joe’s trunks (4 of them) from Joe Vs. the Volcano. I suspect that’s not in my immediate future.

Sponsors and Supporters and Everyone Wins

I’ve been busy working with individuals and businesses who would like to sponsor and support our efforts to work while on the road. This week I’m specifically working with those who want to sponsor and support the workshop for virtual assistants we are planning in August in Vancouver. We are working to create a situation where each sponsors and supporter receives as much value from their support of our efforts as we receive. That way everyone wins!

So here are some things I’m working on this week to gain support for our trip to host a workshop for virtual assistants in Vancouver.

  • Contacted 4 organizations related to the virtual assistant industry for sponsorship in exchange for promoting their organizations in every way possible
  • Contacted an additional organization we do business with to discuss possible sponsorship
  • Contacted individuals who are willing to contribute physical product, such as a book or CD, for give aways at the workshop in exchange for promoting their services and product. We already have 2 confirmed and are awaiting details to announce shortly.
  • Contacted Virtual Assistants around the world asking to support the cause by purchasing one or more of our products for Virtual Assistants, such as the book The Commonsense Virtual Assistant – Becoming an Entrepreneur, Not an Employee, or the workbook, Building Blocks: Succeed as a Chief Virtual Officer, in exchange for promoting their businesses.

There has been great response to date and lots of support and well wishers. Donations are beginning to come in and those who are not able to give monetary support are asking how else they can support the cause.  Here are ways you can show your support.

  1. Click that Donate button on the left and make a donation of any amount.
  2. Click on the Store button on the navigation bar and make a purchase. More items will be added soon.
  3. Follow us on Twitter (@NomadCanfields) and retweet our posts.
  4. Share this blog with everyone you know and mention it on Facebook.

Thank you to those of you who have already shown your support in some way or another! Watch for updates daily. We’ll be acknowledging our supports on our Shout Outs and Ballyhoo page.

Win/Win Sponsorship

(If you know why you’re here you can jump right to the survey; otherwise, read on!)

As Best Beloved and I plan a life as nomads, we’re looking for ways to create mutual benefit; the proverbial ‘win/win’, for ourselves and the other lives we touch, or could touch.

The folks who are putting us up on our first trip are getting business coaching, cooking (I’m very good) and music (all modesty aside, or shoved under the mattress even) I’m a great songwriter. We get something precious to us (a bed at night and a home cooked meal) and they get something they value.

It’s always nice to have a little extra in the travel fund, but traditional sponsorship won’t cut it here. We don’t want to wear jackets with a swoosh everywhere we go, or be seen publicly drinking from a silver beverage can or any of that.

We want to find sponsors to whom we can offer something they value, something they can get best from a traveling family of remarkable people, and who’ll consider the material contribution small by comparison.


I’ve prepared the World’s Shortest Survey to gather ideas. A few ideas have already been floated, but ideas are a great big ocean. Float as many as you want.

Devious Plot 01

Oh, you know there’s gonna be a book. I’ll be posting pre-order forms for the book/DVD/set but clearly, you’ll want something now! now! now! and not just a book and DVD a year from now.

I’ll be shooting endless reels of film (yeah, I know it’s not reels, nor is it film; work with me here) over the coming year of experimentation. While I’ll be posting bits and pieces, odds and ends, the reel stuff (ha!) as far as longer videos will be supported by and available to our sponsors. Which, y’know, means you.