Monday’s Trip from Arizona to California

It’s taken me a few days to catch up and get this post written about our trip this past Monday.

Joel and I both woke up at 4 am but decided to try to get some more rest before our alarm went off at 5:45 am. Quick showers, cup of tea, check email, finish packing the van and we were on the road at 7:30 am. Today is the long 13-hour drive from Mesa Arizona to Roseville California.

Our first stop was at the Burnt Well rest area to use the facilities and a quick leg stretch. It was also the first school lesson of the day – learning more about Arizona cacti.

It was interesting to see a bit later snow on the mountains as we came into California.

For lunch we met Susie Speck Mayor at Fab Hot Dog, a hot dog place in Los Angeles she and her husband own and operate. Joel met Susie on Triiibes. Susie treated us all to our choice of hot dog and Fiona had her first YooHoo.

So we’re here in Roseville now and in two weeks our daughter Rachelle gets married.

Ducks in the Pond Behind the Library in Mesa

Yesterday we took Fiona to the library again. She had to return those 20 books so she could get 20 more.

Behind the library here in Mesa is a pond with ducks. Nearby is a park and even a small observatory. We’ll have to go back to see about that observatory.

Enjoy the pictures of Fiona!

Fiona Teaches Class – Then Heads for Castle Rock

Fiona had an opportunity to ‘teach’ Mrs. Parker’s class, showing them where she’s traveled. Once the school day ended, Fiona took some quiet time to read a book in the classroom to herself. Joel also was able to play his mandolin for the class.

The next day we had to replace a burned out headlight. We stopped in Castle Rock, not far from Denver, to buy a replacement headlight.

Fiona Makes a Snow Angel in Rice Lake

Fiona went outside in the snow today and made her first snow angel. It was cold! After seeing the ice on the lake she decided it was time to come on back in. We’ll have to get some real winter gear to come back here in the winter.

We did find my two pair of gloves. One of Joel’s is still buried somewhere or maybe left behind at Shawn’s in Ottawa? Shawn, have you seen any extra gloves laying around?

Fiona borrowed one of my scarves. She used to have one. I’m making her another one now. Grandma had some extra yarn that matches the blanket Grandma gave Fiona last time we were here. So I’m using some of it to crochet Fiona a large scarf to wear in this cold weather.

Looks like we’ll head to South Dakota after all; but only for one night. Now we need a place to stay Sunday night in an area where we aren’t afraid of being snowed in. Anyone in Lincoln Nebraska?

P.S. Fiona is excited that she’s going to be the flower girl in her sister’s wedding. Rachelle just got engaged last night! Congrats!

Federal Illinois Food

Fiona gets a little impromptu home schooling. Of course, 90% of her schooling is impromptu. It’s not hard teaching an insatiably curious child who reads at college level and loves to talk.

Okay, sometimes it’s hard, like trying to define words in a way she’ll take away and care about. Thank you, Charles Handy, for a usable definition of ‘federal’ I can share.

Snow Day in St. Alphonse

“Snow? In October? Nonsense!”—Cristina Favreau

Oh yeah?

Fiona is Enjoying the Rain

Yesterday it was a beautiful sunny day. Fiona and her new friends played outside quite a bit. When we lived in California Fiona didn’t play outside much. We didn’t have much of a yard and it wasn’t safe to let her play in the unfenced area in the front. So she’s been more of an inside girl. So this playing outside everyday that the weather is nice is very different for her.

Yesterday she found out it might rain today. She was very excited about that! Why? Because then she wouldn’t have to play outside; she could play inside. So today it’s raining and she’s loving it. She and the girls are playing right now at the kitchen table with Play-Dough.

She’s enjoying the rain but I’m sure she’ll enjoy playing outside again as well when the weather is sunny again.

Fiona is a Princess in New Mexico

We stayed with Sonja on October 2 and her two children. Sonja is an artist and painted this beautiful mural in her children’s room. Her daughter let Fiona borrow dress up clothes so Fiona felt like a princess. So we got these pictures to show off Fiona and the beautiful artwork of Sonja.

Fiona is a Princess in New Mexico
Fiona is a Princess in New Mexico

Perhaps she's a ballerina
Perhaps she's a ballerina