Going Nomad—Or Just Mad?

. . . and so I said “I was thinking about how much less it might cost to live if we didn’t have a house or a car . . . ”

How many wives would even have that conversation? Mine did.

It’s been less than 96 hours, and so much has happened that I don’t have time tonight to write it all, so I’ll summarise:

  • We’ve decided to investigate the possibility of living without a fixed residence.
  • We’re going to find a way to travel without owning a car (they’re no good for driving across oceans anyway.)
  • Both adult kids who live with us are on board with us moving out before they do.
  • Much support from folks who’ve done this, or dreamed of it.
  • Found some excellent books by people who’ve done this.

Sent two tentative emails this morning saying basically “Can we come stay with you, indefinitely?” in one, and after that answer was “Absolutely!” sent another that said “We’ll be driving by your door late this summer; can we drop by?” and got this in response (again, my summary)

Sure, and plan on spending the night; or, perhaps you’ll come August 2nd and house/dog-sit for two weeks while we’re on vacation, or three weeks, while we’re on two vacations.

Can a family from California leave behind nearly all their possessions and embrace a sort of nomadic lifestyle?

We’re gonna find out.