Fiona Teaches Class – Then Heads for Castle Rock

Fiona had an opportunity to ‘teach’ Mrs. Parker’s class, showing them where she’s traveled. Once the school day ended, Fiona took some quiet time to read a book in the classroom to herself. Joel also was able to play his mandolin for the class.

The next day we had to replace a burned out headlight. We stopped in Castle Rock, not far from Denver, to buy a replacement headlight.

Local Musicians from February Album Writing Month Connect

This past Saturday we were privileged to stay with Errol, a musician Joel met one February at FAWM (February Album Writing Month). Another FAWMer, Debs, came over and the three musicians had fun playing the guitar, mandolin and piano together. Debs and Errol both live in Ontario and we had been privileged to stay with Debs on our way to Quebec in October.

Errol’s wife and two girls were away so Fiona was able to entertain the bunny all by herself! Fiona and Debs also had some fun making silly faces. I took some video as well of the musicians playing and singing – so bug Joel to get that posted!