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Puppies in Nebraska

After an overnight stay in Colorado Springs with Couchsurfing hosts John and Chris, we traveled to Ogallala Nebraska where we stayed with other Couchsurfing hosts with puppies. Fiona loved seeing the three-week old puppies. Today we traveled through Nebraska to South Dakota. Driving north through Nebraska we stopped at the Missouri River. Fiona dangled her … Continue reading »

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What a Great Day!

We had a leisurely drive from Sutherland Nebraska to Longmont Colorado today. Joel and I finished reading and discussing Steven Pressfield’s Do the Work and started his book The War of Art. It inspired lots of great conversation and we learned more about ourselves and each other. We arrived in Boulder to be able to … Continue reading »

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Memories of My Grandma

Today we drove through Nebraska. Which reminds me of my grandma since she lived much of her youth here. She was actually born in Kansas but at some point moved to Nebraska. She’s been gone for several years so I can’t ask her about it and never did find out much about her family when … Continue reading »

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Working By the Lake

We’re working here at The Rice Lake Public Library while Fiona plays and reads. This morning I took a photo from grandma’s window showing the lump of snow still not completely melted and the lake in the background. It snowed this morning again. Not much. But it’s supposed to be spring! I forgot to post … Continue reading »

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