Schools in Denver

Tuesday we visited schools in Denver. Fiona got to meet Mrs. Parker’s Kindergarten class at Yale Elementary School. The students have been following Fiona’s blog and were very excited to meet her in person. Everyone wanted to play with Fiona and sit by her. They took her outside to play on the playground for a few minutes before school ended.

Then we visited Renaissance Montessori Academy. Joel and I met with the Board to discuss some ways they can reach out to the community to let parents know what they offer at this school. While we talked, Fiona played with some of the learning tools they had available. If you are in the Parker Colorado area, we recommend you take them up on their offer of a free tour of the Academy.

Our last stop was meeting with members of the Board of Rhythm Vision. They work with local schools using music to educate students. We got to play on the drums they make! Roxy made us feel very welcome and we hope to come back and visit more.

Today we’re off to see Sonja in Albuquerque. Check out her art!