A Friday Working at Home

It’s Friday and we’re working at home. At least it feels like home. We’re in Albuquerque where we spent six weeks house sitting in June and July. The homeowner let us stay a couple of nights as we’re passing through again. Sonja knows just how to make us feel at home. Since we spent so much time here, we’re very comfortable. We know where everything is and just how Sonja likes everything to be.

Last night we worked together with Sonja to make a vegetable stir fry with brown rice for dinner. Tonight when she gets home from work, we’ll have a pasta dinner waiting for her. We leave in the morning. Our first stop will be to say hi to our friends Carrie and Larry before heading up to stay with Couchsurfing hosts Chris and John again.

So today we’re working here at the kitchen table getting our work done. Trying to finish a big client web job and working on new client stuff. Yep, feels like home!